First aid to the child and first aid to the baby

Parents who want to come without a child participate here, as well as participants who are not (yet) parents, grandparents, babysitters, etc.

Below is an overview of the topics in our first aid for children and babies courses, which are always taught by very experienced instructors.

For the practical exercises, we naturally provide hygienic, special practice manikins.

Our seminar leaders are very experienced lecturers and pass on their knowledge from years of practice to you.

The following overview of the topics in our first aid for children and babies courses gives you an idea of the scope of such a seminar.

Child Fairy First Aid to Child and Baby Seminar Introduction Image

Our topic plan

Recognize emergencies in children and babies and take the first correct steps.

What should you do first if the child stops breathing? And when should you make an emergency call if you are alone? You will get answers to these and other important questions on the subject in this topic block.

Practical exercises in rescue breathing and cardiac massage with instructions on special baby and child simulation manikins.

Topic area respiratory distress with all important topics such as pseudo croup, asthma, strangulation, acute and secondary drowning, insect bites, obstructed or narrowed airways in foreign body aspiration (choking), insect bites and other swellings and injuries in the mouth and tongue area.

Topic area (head) injuries, wounds and burns.

First aid equipment and prevention, important questions such as „Can my child fall asleep after a head injury?“ or „When does the child need medical treatment?“.

Topic seizures and neurological emergencies, poisoning.

Special and already well-tested Kinderfee tips, if a bead gets stuck in the nose or how a tick is really best removed, medication administration in children and many tips on prevention and safety.

A detailed written handout (for „quick review“ at home) will be emailed to each participant (as a PDF) after the course and is included in the course price.

In exceptional cases, a baby can be brought to the courses without +baby by arrangement.

Cost of an infant care course:

Per person: 75- €
For couples: 130,- €
Private: from 150,- €

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