Child and Baby First Aid Online Live Webinar

Our online live webinar „First Aid for Child/Baby“ is made for parents, grandparents, educators and all those who cannot or do not want to attend a classroom seminar.

The course topics of our online webinar First Aid on Child/Baby are compiled in such a way that you receive a sound basic knowledge according to the latest guidelines.

Our online seminar instructors share their years of practical knowledge with you and can answer your questions about first aid for children.

Your children are welcome to attend the webinar.

A webinar brings a lot of flexibility: It can also be booked privately for the family or we can meet virtually with your friends (toddler groups).

erste hilfe am kind webinar online

Our topic plan

  • Recognize emergencies in children and babies and take the first correct steps. What to do first if the child stops breathing and when to make the emergency call if you are alone.
  • Detailed instructions for giving breaths and cardiac massage for babies and children, which can also be taught very well via the camera.
  • Emergencies with respiratory distress such as foreign body aspiration, drowning, pseudo croup, asthma as well as ventilation for narrowed/obstructed airways
  • (Mini break)
  • Topic area wounds injuries and burns, head injuries, first aid equipment and prevention, important questions such as „is my child allowed to fall asleep after a head injury“ or „when does my child need to seek medical treatment“.
  • Poisonings, seizures, neurological emergencies
  • Open questions

To participate, all you need to do is download for free, we will send the access code to all participants as a link by mail.

Of course, all questions can be asked and each participant will receive a handout as PDF via email afterwards (for „re-reading“ later).

Cost of the webinar First Aid to Child and Baby:

Per person: 35- €
For couples: 50,- €

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